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About Crunchyroll premium apk apps for windows version

Anime was first originated in Japan and now has become one of the trends among youth generation all around the world. Crunchyroll Premium APK is the best for anyone who is interested in watching anime and want to learn more about these apps.

crunchyroll premium apk

Crunchyroll premium apk is popular among the youth not only in japan but all around the world because of the updating features of Crunchyroll apk in every hour and because of the exclusive stuff that Crunchyroll apk consists of. Crunchyroll premium apk is not only about watching anime but also about manga and the best user friendly experience that is brought out to the anime fans.

More about Crunchyroll premium apk for windows service

Apk Crunchyroll premium free service can be considered as a premium video streaming platform for anime content. You will be able to stream up to 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of latest and famous anime series with the help of apk Crunchyroll premium. with Crunchyroll apk you have the chance to view and enjoy content directly in your android device, or pc computer.

As apk Crunchyroll is a premium app you will not be able to use Crunchyroll apk free of charge and you will have to pay in order to use Crunchyroll mod. So you can choose a plan from the three different plans that are available in apk Crunchyroll. The 1 month subscription plan of Crunchyroll mod $7.99 , the 3 months plan of Crunchyroll mod costs $22.99 and the 12 months subscription plan of Crunchyroll mod costs $79.99. It is important to mention that all these plans of Crunchyroll mod come with 14 days trial plan too for you to watch anime that you like with the streaming service that is available in apk Crunchyroll premium.

Crunchyroll premium mod apk is a platform in which people can watch anime and web series online. Crunchyroll premium apk is available on the google play store for you to Download and you will get a warning message telling you that Crunchyroll mod contains ads. The users will also be informed about the in app purchases of Crunchyroll mod letting them know that they need to upgrade to the Crunchyroll's premium membership.

Crunchyroll's model version is the Crunchyroll premium mod apk . So everyone who wish to enjoy watching anime series and shows will want to join the premium apk Crunchyroll membership. After downloading the Crunchyroll premium mod apk file the users will see that the Crunchyroll mod apk file consists of popular content.

The anime fans will find all their favorite anime shows and movies and web series on the patched apk file of Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll premium mod apk consists features of only anime and manga series and the premium apk file is available for you to download on any of your android device and iOS platform.

If you don't want to pay for the Crunchyroll premium account then you can use the Crunchyroll premium mod apk which is the hacked version of the original Crunchyroll app. So through this you will be able to watch free anime and popular anime. So most of the users shift to the mod version of free premium from the Crunchyroll premium account.

Crunchyroll premium apk for windows info

App Name: Crunchyroll Premium MOD APK
Category: Video players
Latest version: 3.10.0
Developer: Ellation
Apk size: 11.5 MB
Android version: Android 4.0 +
Download available on: Google play store

Top features of Crunchyroll Premium MOD APK for Windows

  • You will get the chance to watch all the popular anime series free of charge. You can download the apk on your phone or pc and install it if you want to watch and enjoy the experience of the premium version for free.
  • Crunchyroll APK will allow you to stream all new anime series and new episodes for free as soon as japan telecasts them.
  • No ads will be there in the Crunchyroll premium mod apk so you will not have any interrupts.
  • You will have the best viewing experience as you have the possibility to stream all the content in Hd quality for free.
  • Various android devices like Chromecast also supports the Crunchyroll mod apk.
  • You will also get the chance to read mango comic books for free through Crunchyroll mod apk.
  • Crunchyroll mod apk offers you with 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of anime content and also you will find many Asian shows for free.
crunchyroll premium apk for pc

Other free mod features of Crunchyroll Premium APK for Windows

  • Most recent free tv shows in Crunchyroll apk
  • On Crunchyroll mod apk the users will be able to watch the most recent anime tv shows that were recently launched on the internet. High quality episodes are uploaded instantly.

  • Offline save in
  • In the latest version of apk Crunchyroll mod premium apk the users can download movies and shows and watch them later offline. The users also can select the quality at which they need the video to be downloaded which will depend on the internet speed and data package. The users also will be able to download the movies and share them with their friends and family members.

  • Change the video quality
  • Through Crunchyroll mod premium apk you have the possibility to change the video quality according o your preference. You will be able to watch videos without any interruptions or ads. The users can also change the video quality according to playback options so that anyone can view in high definition.

  • Get complete access to premium shows
  • Crunchyroll premium apk allows users to get both the free and premium access to the greatest shows. On this you can search for shows that demand VIP access and monthly subscriptions from the customers without ads.

  • Get customer support
  • Many people download this app because of the good customer support the app provides on 24 hours and 7 day week basis. The support team handles any issue with the users through email or live chat option. Or else the users might be provided with a ticket number that can be used to track their query and have the problem handled within 72 hours.

  • Make a special request
  • The users will have an amazing chance to request special anime tv shows which are not available in the Crunchyroll mod premium apk and based on the requests those tv shows will be provided to the users. The users can request their customized movie from the team members and that will be made available within 7 days for free without ads.

  • Interface with no advertisements
  • Crunchyroll mod apk is totally ad free so that the users will not be interrupted with unimportant adds.

  • Swiftly latest updates
  • Crunchyroll mod apk is an app that updates the content every week so that users will be able to watch all the new anime series and movies. This is a fast and ads free app used for streaming series with many other features.

  • Simulcast
  • The simulcast season features in Crunchyroll mod apk lets the users to look up from the season they made. Animated movies from the year 2009 to the present year are available every year from winter , spring, summer and fall.

Download Crunchyroll Premium APK

Crunchyroll premium apk membership for windows

Crunchyroll premium apk membership can be purchased by utilizing their checkout system. The Crunchyroll account will be upgraded instantly to special premium when they become a premium member. After the trial period is over the users will be billed for 30 days.

How to get Crunchyroll premium free on pc/ smart tv?

Are you in need to install Crunchyroll mod premium apk on your pc?

Watching and streaming anime movies and manga on a bigger screen is always great. So install Crunchyroll mod premium apk on your pc today itself and start watching your shows on a bigger screen to enjoy the full features.

Though Crunchyroll is originally made for android devices now the users can install it to their pc using an android emulator. The android emulator will help you to run the mobile app in your desktop or pc computer.

crunchyroll premium apk free download

Install Crunchyroll mod apk using the memu player to watch anime on your pc


  1. Frist you need to download and install the memu player android emulator to your pc through the official website.
  2. After the download process is over, you can follow the steps and instructions that appear on your screen in order to install the emulator to your pc.
  3. Then, download the Crunchyroll premium apk from the link to your android emulator.
  4. After that, From the memu player you need to click on apk button and select the apk file that you downloaded
  5. Then you need to wait till the installation process is over and after that you will be able to use Crunchyroll premium apk on your pc.


  1. Install the latest version of the blue stack emulator in to your pc.
  2. After completing the installation process you need to launch your android emulator in your pc. You need to make sure whether you have logged in with the google account id. Go to settings and see whether you Gmail and play store accounts are linked to the emulator.
  3. Search for the Crunchyroll Premium APK from and save it in to your computer. Then go to the location where you have saved the apk file and double click on it in order to install the app directly on to the emulator.
  4. If your android app player is not set as default in order to run android apps on pc you need to right click on the apk file and to select your android emulator from the menu.
  5. Then wait till the app is installed. once the installation process is over you must go to all apps on your android emulator and click on the newly installed app's icon in order to open it.
  6. You need to follow the on screen instructions to allow all the necessary permissions in order to the app to run on your device and then you can start using Crunchyroll premium on pc to watch anime.

How to download Crunchyroll premium apk on android devices to watch anime and manga free and to get premium features

Frist you need to enable the unknown sources option in the android device in order to install Crunchyroll premium. For that go to settings and go to privacy and there allow installation of apps from unknown sources and enable it.

How to get Crunchyroll premium free and install premium apk Crunchyroll on any android devices to get the premium features

download crunchyroll premium apk on pc through bluestacks emulator
  • Some people might have purchased the Crunchyroll memberships plan but if they no longer wish to pay for Crunchyroll mod apk then they must first disable Crunchyroll premium subscription before they install Crunchyroll premium on their android device.
  • Then the users must click on the URL provided to get the Crunchyroll mod apk file.
  • Then users must go to the download Crunchyroll mod apk from the browser.
  • Then the users will notice that a Crunchyroll premium is being downloaded, they will have to wait for some time till the download is over.
  • Then go to the folder where people can download the Crunchyroll apk file after the file download happens.
  • Then you need to open the Crunchyroll premium version apk latest.
  • Then the users must click on the install button and have to wait for the Crunchyroll premium to get installed.
  • Then the Crunchyroll premium icon will be there on the android device's home screen and you can start by clicking on the Crunchyroll premium icon and get the premium features unlocked and also the free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions on Crunchyroll Apk

01. How to cancel the Crunchyroll premium membership?

In order to cancel Crunchyroll premium you need to open the app and go to settings. Then under the membership status you will find the cancel option on the Crunchyroll account, click on it. Then follow the screen instructions and your membership will be cancelled.

02. Is it safe to download Crunchyroll premium streaming service app?

Yes, the app is totally safe to install on your device as it does not contain any virus or malware. Also it does not require any personal information from you while installing.

To conclude, apk Crunchyroll premium is the best app to stream all anime movies and shows. So hurry up and download Crunchyroll premium apk application, install it to your android devices or pc computer and enjoy the features.

Download Crunchyroll Premium PC APK Free

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