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At present, you may be able to find thousands of entertainment platforms to stream and download movies on your mobile screen. However, some of these applications are not compatible with iOS devices or they may require the user to jailbreak your iOS devices to install them. Thus, there are only a handful of devices in the entertainment platform that can be used without being worried about security or other kind of issues. You may wonder what it could be. It is none other than the Popcorn Time APK. On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, now you can stream and watch TV shows, TV series, and movies gratuitously.

popcorn time apk

A vast variety of entertainment content can be found in the Popcorn Time app including the most popular movies and TV shows and the latest releases. The entertainment content can be easily accessed by the user as the app has classified them under various categories according to their genre (i.e. romance, thriller, action, science-fictional, comedy), year of publication, title, popularity, etc. Users can also download movies, TV shows, and their must-watch TV series to watch offline. All the iOS devices with iOS 8 to iOS 13 versions can enjoy these amazing benefits by installing Popcorn Time app on their iOS devices. Some of the other features users can relish with the Popcorn Time app are listed below.

  • The app enables users to download subtitles from the OpenSubtitles platform to any movie they would like to watch. Moreover, users can customize the subtitles pertaining to the language, format, color, font size, and font style to suit their preferences.
  • Popcorn Time app can be connected with the Tract account to keep a record of the movies, TV shows, and TV series you watch.
  • The built-in video player of the Popcorn Time app allows its users to view their videos in high-resolution video quality and advanced sound quality. Users can choose the video quality from 720p to 1080p.
  • The app also comprises an option to get the magnet link to BitTorrent manually.
  • iOS users with Apple TV have the chance to stream using Airplay and Bluetooth devices.
  • When you choose the movie to watch the app provides you with general information about the movie that includes its genre, nature of the content, cast, quality, year of release, run time, link to preview the trailer, cover, etc.
  • Popcorn Time app also suggests you with the movies and TV shows that come under the category of the movie, which is selected by the user.

General information of the Popcorn Time app

App Name: Popcorn Times APK
Developer name: Popcorn Time
File size: 52.3 MB
Last updated: Recently
Version: 4.4
Category: Entertainment, File sharing and Video player
Installs: Over two million
Compatible with: iOS 7 and above

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How to install the Popcorn Time app on iOS devices

popcorn time apk download

Due to certain restrictions, Apple does not allow its users to download several apps from App Store. Popcorn Time app is one such device users cannot download using the general procedure they follow when installing any other app. However, there are various ways users can integrate to download these apps to their iOS devices easily. Jailbreaking is one such method often used by iOS users when downloading apps like Popcorn Time. Nevertheless, most of the people are reluctant to jailbreak their iOS devices due to security reasons. Hence, there are number of other ways to Download and install the app on your iOS device without jailbreaking. Users can download the app using the iOS installer instead of jailbreaking. In addition to that, the Popcorn Time app can be installed either using a proxy or with the help of Panda Helper. The app does not require a computer for its installation process if the users use any of the above-mentioned methods. On the other hand, users can also install the app with the help of their computers. This article will thus guide you through the necessary steps to download the Popcorn Time app using methods that do not require jailbreak on your iOS devices.

How to download and install the Popcorn Time app using the iOS installer


  1. Navigate to Settings > General> Date & Time. Then disable “ Set Automatically” and alter the date to 01.08.21014.
  2. Next open the Popcorn Time app iOS Download Site in Safari and tap on the green box to download the app.
  3. Upon the completion of the downloading process, allow installing by clicking on it to begin the installation process.
  4. Once the installation process is over, go back to settings and again the enable “Set Automatically” option.
  5. Shortly afterward, tap on “Trust” on the pop-up window and enjoy an amazing streaming experience with the Popcorn Time app.

How to download and install the Popcorn Time app using the Proxy method


  1. Open the system app, go to “Wifi Network”, and alter “Configure Proxy” to “Automatic”.
  2. Next, type http://ffapple.com and give save.
  3. Disable Wifi and reconnect to the Wifi Network.
  4. Then, clean the Safari history cache.
  5. Now, download the app from the Popcorn Time app iOS Download Site and run the installation process to enjoy your movie time with Popcorn Time App.

How to download and install the Popcorn Time app using the Panda Helper

popcorn time apk download for ios


  1. Download the app using the link provided by Panda Helper and begin the installation process.
  2. Once you downloaded the app, the icon will be displayed on the Home Screen.
  3. Go to Settings> General> Device Management on your device.
  4. Hit “trust” on the recently installed Enterprise App Certificate.
  5. Run the Popcorn Time app and enjoy the latest TV shows, TV series, and movies on your mobile screen.

Frequently asked questions about the Popcorn Time APK

01. Is the Popcorn Time app iOS safe to installed on the iOS device?

Yes! It is safe to download the app using the above-mentioned trusted sources. Thus, you do not need to jailbreak the iOS device.

02. How can I update the app to enjoy the latest features?

You need to go through a reinstallation process in order to update the app. You can follow the same process you adhered to when you first downloaded the app.

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